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Blue Ice Journalism Boycott Tokyo Olympics Movement (BTOM)

Do you know that the stadium (aka J-Village) of the Tokyo Olympics is 10 minutes away from the 2nd largest nuclear explosion site?

The 2011 Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Disaster was the 2nd largest nuclear disaster just behind Chernobyl. At Fukushima, radioactive soil is simply wrapped in plastic bags and are dumped at a local garbage dumpster without any protection whatsoever. (Link to images of radioactive soil wrapped in plastic bags).

By googling "Fukushima Plastic Bags", you can find thousands of images showing these plastic bags containing radioactive soil found on the side of a local road, in a farm, and millions of other local garbage dumpsters. In other words, radiation can literally be found anywhere.


As a matter of fact, currently, marine animals that live in oceans surrounding Japan contain 250 times more radiation compared to normal marine species.


However, the stadium, also known as J-Village will be located 10 minutes away from the disaster site and in fact, many environmental organisations such as Greenpeace as well as many other experts are afraid about the consequences of consuming radiation on a daily basis during this period.

Do you want to know the reason why the government wants to do the Olympics at Fukushima? - It is because they want to show that Japan has fully recovered from the explosion.


According to France TV Sports, the Japanese government wants to make the Olympic Games a symbol of recovery from the devastation by building the main sports complex only twenty kilometres from the devastated nuclear power plant of Fukushima Daiichi.

On top of that, as of 2019, 237.96% of Japan's entire GDP is debt and hence, they are in a need of money. In other words, they want to prove to the world that Japan is strong again and also boost their economy at the same time.

Furthermore, we have to keep in mind that, as for the Chernobyl incident, it has been more than 50 years whereas, for the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it has only been 10 years. In other words, by doing the Olympics, the consequences will be comparable to that of trying to hold the world's largest sporting event at Chernobyl.

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