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Fancy Luxury Boutique that is located in the middle of the desert (Prada Marfa)

A luxury boutique, sitting along a barren Texas highway in the middle of the Texas desert, is a Prada storefront. This 120,000 dollar store is a permanent sculptural installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, which is located 2.3 kilometers northwest of Valentine, Texas.

In order to make a building that resembles a Prada store, this lonely Prada boutique in the middle of nowhere is made of “adobe bricks, plaster, paint, glass pane, aluminum frame, MDF, and carpet”. On the front of the structure, there are two large windows, displaying actual Prada wares, shoes, and handbags from the fall/winter 2005 collection.

Additionally, the day the store opened, the building was broken into and its contents were stolen, and the building side walls were spray-painted with insulting words. There have been other cases of vandalism and theft since the day the store opened.

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