How president Trump is presenting fake news

Updated: May 13

For starters, do you know the news channel on Facebook called "Real News" launched by Donald Trump? - It is hosted by Trump's daughter in law; Lara Trump. In one video with 2 million views, it failed to cover every major news and left all the key context to only show president Trump's "big achievements".

In the news, the video said that Trump donated his salary to the department of education. Nevertheless, on the mainstream news, it showed that the department could see over 9 billion US dollars in cuts under the education budget, according to the Washington Post.

In addition, it showed that Trump announced a Taiwanese electronic company called Foxconn and its plans to build a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin which would be hiring 13,000 new jobs. However, the company said that it would only be hiring 3,000 jobs over four years.

On top of Trump's propaganda videos, he posted fake news on many social media pages including Twitter.

For example, he declared that the Moon is part of Mars:

Further, President Trump also claimed that he invented the word "fake news".

Before you leave, do you know that Trump has 15 million fake Twitter followers?

According to a survey, it turns out that only 8 percent of Americans visit his post directly on Twitter and 76 percent of the people visit his posts after hearing about his fake news posts on the mainstream news.