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Is it correct for Trump to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The fact that Trump suggested that he might buy Greenland, the world’s largest island and its 57,000 inhabitants, won worldwide attention from many countries and journalists around the world. However, as of 2020, it appears that he may have been considering swapping Puerto Rico and sits more than 3 million inhabitants due to frequent earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

According to Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff to US secretary of homeland security, Kirsjten Nielsen, said on MSNBC, a US television network about his plan of swapping Puerto Rico for Greenland.

"One time before we went he told us not only did he want to purchase Greenland. He actually said he wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico. Could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland? Because in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor", Taylor said on August 19th.

The reasons why he specifically wanted Greenland was because of less frequent natural disasters (thus less responsibility and aid from the US government), large areas for military testing, domination over the Canadian Northwest shipping route, and large amounts of hidden petrol that will be accessible in a few decades due to global warming.

In my opinion, I think Trump should not exchange people and countries, and if he really thought of Puerto Rico as part of the US, I think Trump would have changed Puerto Rico from poor and dirty to rich and bright. However, even though his own state was suffering from hurricanes, outages, and hunger for months, he never helped Puerto Rico in any form.

In conclusion, I think it is not right for a president to swap his own people. In addition, even though Puerto Rico is technically owned by the United States, its citizens don’t even have the same rights as an average US citizen. For example, they can’t even vote for their president.

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