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A New Research Paper On The Causes and Solutions of Economic Inequality

Published in the YGS Journal, the new research paper, 'Effects and Solutions to Economic Inequality', dives into the causes of economic inequity, its consequences, as well as its potential remedy. It discusses how economic inequality promotes an increase in poverty and the shrinking of the middle class, which indirectly establishes highly competitive job markets and education systems. This research further investigates how competitive job markets and education systems produced by economic inequality act as a leading factor for adolescent suicide rates, especially in East-Asian societies.

In addition to the aforementioned consequences of economic disparity, it also

introduces a new solution to economic inequality, which not only addresses economic

inequality in general but also reduces racial segregation and the black-white wealth gap in

the United States.

This new solution is the abolishment of school boundaries and a new nationwide educational funding system, where all schools receive equal educational funding, regardless of their geography. Interestingly, urban planning, school segregation, and unequal school funding is what reinforces the black-white wealth gap and is also a key determinant of economic inequality.

To view the full research, please go to and click to view the sixth edition of the journal (on page 117).

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