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Should Magnix continue its efforts to improve its Electric planes?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Recently, Magnix hosted a test flight on the largest electric plane. Although, it was indeed a very short flight which only consisted of about 30 minutes (160 kilometers), if we keep improving electric planes, I think it could lead to a more environmentally-friendly air journey.

One of the benefits of electric planes is that they could lower the price of tickets dramatically because fuel and labour costs are the largest expenses that affect the airline industry. According to BBC news at the Paris Air Show, a small aircraft like the Cessna Caravan would typically spend about 400 dollars on fuel. However, with electric planes, they would only spend about 8-12 dollars, which is 40 times cheaper.

In addition, petrol is not an infinite resource which means it will run out. Experts say that at the current rate of production, oil will run out in 53 years. Thus, we should be preparing a more environmentally friendly approach to transport. Speaking of a greener means of transport, electric planes could also help the advancement of other electric transportation such as electric trains, boats, and cars.

Despite the advantages of electric planes, I think it will take a while in order to convince other airlines to buy electric planes because most airlines are in debt from buying aircraft. Thus, they would not want to take out a loan and buy a whole new fleet of electric aircraft. In addition, we will have to convince other countries and companies that mostly earn money from oil.

After all, I think the efforts to develop electric planes will shape another technological advancement in providing a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Furthermore, electric planes will create new kinds of business and jobs for other people while making greener means of transport.

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