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The Power of Wealth

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I think wealth and power define and do not define one’s ability to fully enjoy human rights and live with human dignity. Yes, the wealthy and more powerful can be more respected, honored, and are more worthy in some ways, however, these people have way too many enemies and therefore can be threatened easily since they have too much to lose. Hence, they can be disrespected and hated by the media and the people at any moment, which can cause them massive damage to their image.

Meanwhile, the wealthy can afford exceptional primary, secondary, and university education. In addition, when entering a college, a wealthy person, who can afford college tuition and can pull some strings, can have a better chance of getting into colleges than a person with less money, who can’t afford college tuition; especially with the Legacy program in some countries and the increasingly growing amount of university briberies. Sometimes this leads to discrimination against low-class families in workplaces and in schools, especially in highly capitalist societies.

In the end, the person with a lot of money that got into college and finished their education will have a better chance of succeeding in life than the person with less money that only has a high school diploma. The wealth of a person or a family will also define the way they get treated and what products they consume.

All of this leads to one specific problem: the growing gap between the rich and poor. But this problem never changed, this has been a structure of society from the beginning of human history. The ways might be different but this problem never changed: sons and daughters of noble families were treated special, the wealthy could afford a good education, the social class still existed, slaves and peasants worked for the nobles. If you look at it closely nothing has changed.

In my final analysis, I think the power of wealth will only create more problems. Just like what happened hundreds of years ago, it will always lead to people rebelling, coup d’états, and different kinds of wars.

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