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The Truth Behind Beauty and Success

I fly frequently and at some point, I began to notice a very bizarre phenomenon; people sitting in business class looked better looking, more fit, more fashionable and, in general, more attractive. This got me wondering why higher-income individual tends to be more attractive.

Hence, today I want to tell you something that no teacher or probably anyone you know has probably told you which is: looks are more important in today's society.

Do you inside each and every one of us, we unknowingly judge others based on their appearances? - This is called the "Halo" effect. The Halo effect is a type of cognitive bias in our brains in which our overall impression and our evaluations of a person's traits are unconsciously influenced by their physical appearances. In other words, the halo effect occurs when an initial judgment about a person unconsciously colours the perception of the individual as a whole.

Not only do we all judge people based on their physical appearances both knowingly and unknowingly, according to a 2005 research modelling the hiring process called Identifying Discrimination at Work: The Use of Field Experiments and according to the Harvard Business Review, researchers have found that more attractive people have a significantly higher chance of acquiring a career and to further receive a higher income.

Furthermore, according to additional researches done by the University of Messina, good-looking people make 12% more money than their "less attractive" counterparts. In fact, do you know that in order to join the Chinese Navy, “good looks” are an official requirement?

Sometimes, I get curious. Why are "evil" characters always portrayed as dark, shady, and ugly whereas the "heroes" are always portrayed as one of the most handsome people on earth? It is not just movies. Other forms of art such as paintings, books, and fairy tales, always portray "evil" characters as unattractive, and often, ugly and hideous.

In conclusion, as I have talked about today's society and how the connection between beauty and success, I sincerely hope that one day, we shall learn to see the true meaning of our existence inside each and every one of us.

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