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Theories to explain why people are getting mysterious seeds from China

In cities across the United States, people have found unknown packages containing mysterious seeds from China and Kyrgyzstan. The gray bags that were shipped to the United States containing the seeds are typically adorned with shipping labels from Suzhou which is a Chinese city west of Shanghai. We have found the most accurate theories explaining this bizarre phenomenon:

Theory 1

The first theory is about the president of the United States. Because President Trump is always blaming China about Coronavirus and other issues around the US, he might be the one who ordered people in China to send these seeds to make China look bad. This might gather people to forget other issues around the US that Trump is creating which eventually makes people vote for him. This is a common propaganda/ political strategy that even Hitler used.

Theory 2

The second theory is about China. Maybe China might be the one who is sending these seeds because there have been a lot of conflicts between China and the US. But then, why would China send random seeds to the US? It’s common sense that you won’t open random packages from strangers. You would usually return to the sender.

Theory 3

The last theory is about a secret organization that is sending these seeds to create political conflicts between the US and China.

In conclusion, we think that the first theory makes the most sense since the US election is coming up in a few months and because he is floating the idea of an election delay. This theory, like I said, is a very common political strategy to gain more voters.

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