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When will the General Public get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

As you might have heard already, the Covid vaccine is starting to get distributed in many western countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, etc... but yet, only healthcare workers and vulnerable people got the vaccine, so the real question should be: when will the general get their Covid-19 vaccine?

The Covid-19 vaccine will only really be useful when the general public gets access to it and according to the CBC and Alberta's health minister, in Canada, it will take at least until December 2021 for mass immunization. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom (UK), it will also take up to the end of 2021 for mass immunization according to CNBC.

Now don't get this wrong the fact that there already is a Covid-19 vaccine great especially since the Covid-19 pandemic only started in February/March depending on where you are. Even though the vaccine is great news, don't get too hyped because according to Alberta's health minister and many other health ministers restrictions will not be lifted until mass immunizations.

In conclusion, we should not be too hyped over the vaccine news even though its good news as this article has already mentioned it will take at least until the end of 2021 for the general public in most western countries to receive their doses of vaccine so until then keep wearing your mask.

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