Why everyone is NOT equal

Updated: May 13

Since we were young, teachers would always say that everyone is equal. But the harsh truth of our society is that everyone is not equal. From the beginning of humanity, there were always losers. There were always smart people and idiotic people; there were always rich and poor people. It's a cruel part of society.

If we are equal, why are people not treated the same in society, in school, and in workplaces? Why do some people live in war-torn countries with no rights whatsoever while some people live in big luxury condos?

When I was in 6th grade, my math teacher always said that everyone is equal and that every teacher in my school was always respected and was respectful to other teachers. I never argued but I knew that wasn't the case.

Saying that everyone is equal means that regardless of their income, race, career, religion, or nationality would be respected the same way and live with the same standards. Not everyone is living in the same circumstances and not everyone can achieve the same things.

Everyone has different skills and interests. That is also one of the problems in our society. Society only accepts people that have stable careers and high incomes such as doctors, lawyers, and dentists.

Parents and society always stress kids to choose one of these careers. However, not

everyone has the ability or afford to pass the SATs or other very difficult exams and enter law or medical school. I think that everyone has different interests and abilities. I also think that everyone lives differently and has different standards of living.