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Why Society Cannot Be Fair To Everyone and The Concept of Social Class is Inevitable

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

It is not a lie to say that society is not fair and the concept of Social Class is inevitable due to the fact that the concept was stuck in our society from the beginning of humanity. For society to be fair, the philosophy of humans must all be changed, in other words, everyone on the planet must think differently. This would change the way people in different cultures have been perceiving for hundreds of years. Besides, it will change people's beliefs, religions, and cultures. In other words, it will bring complete chaos to our world.

Nowadays, society has made it impossible for some people from having nothing to having everything. Let's say that society is fair and that social class did not exist. What is the point of working hard? I would not have to study or work but I would still be paid and treated the same as other people who work very hard - that is also unfair.

This is why society can't be fair and the concept of social class is inevitable. People also get motivated to work hard and to gain more power in our society from the concept of Social Class. It is not the society that created the system of social class and it is also not the society that decided to be unfair.

It is us, humans, who have decided to put people above or below ourselves based on what they can and cannot do, their religion, race, career, and income. This is the nature of human beings and as long as this continues, and humans don't change, society will never be fair.

As a matter of fact, even in ecosystems, depending on the animal, they form their own society and travel in groups. Animals always hunt for other animals that are less powerful than them. However, they will never hunt the animals that are more powerful than them because they know that they are going to get hurt or die.

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