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Why World War 3 Will Not Happen

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Many are worried that concerning another world war, however, it is extremely unlikely and even if it happens, it is almost certain that it will not happen anytime soon. For most of us, nuclear bombs and other highly dangerous lethal weapons that cause massive destruction are the main reason why everyone is scared of another world war. However, that, while some may not notice, it is the exact reason why World War III will not happen. Countries are too scared to face massive destruction, population, and economic losses. Further, there have been studies that proved that everyone at this moment in time people will die, which is most probably the end of humanity. Even if, some may survive, they will suffer from depression, hunger, lack of medical attention, radioactive winter, radiation, and new kinds of diseases. Money is such a large part of the war; from the research of new weapons to deploying troops and purchasing other necessities. Whole countries might go bankrupt. Let’s say, humanity didn’t end and luckily, the war ended. Who is going to take responsibility for the aftermath?

It’s going to take centuries to make it back to the current state. Forget the economy. Forget every single living organism. It will take decades for the nuclear winter to finish. It will take centuries for the radiation levels to shrink and it will take millennials before life springs back again.

Every single country here on earth is too scared to cause another world war and to further take responsibility for the aftermaths. In the end, if there is another world war, anyone who caused the war will eventually die, along with billions of other innocent lives.

The war would also most likely cause another deadly virus like the Spanish flu in the First World War. However, we cannot afford a lockdown because everyone will be so focused on winning the war. Troops will be deploying all over the world and hence will spread the virus all over the world. The Spanish flu in the First World War killed as many people as the Black Death in the dark ages and in fact, some sources state that it might have killed even more people. In conclusion, countries are developing nuclear weapons not to cause another world war but to prevent another world war. They are spending billions of dollars every year to research these weapons for the purpose of other countries being too scared to start another war.

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